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Passing Titan (83x63cm incl frame)
845 EUR
Paintings per set:
Main colour:
Blue, indigo, green, Red, yellow, orange, Textures (> 3mm)
Size of composition:
Medium (> 0,47 m2)

Inspired by two robotic interstellar probes, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, launched in 1977.  


The Voyager probes initially were destined to only fly near Jupiter and Saturn while collecting data for transmission back to Earth. After launch, the decision was taken to send Voyager 2 near Uranus and Neptune, to collect data for transmission back to Earth.

Voyager 1 was launched after Voyager 2, but along a shorter and faster trajectory that was designed to provide an optimal flyby of Saturn's moon Titan.


I wonder how the journey of Voyager 1 was, how it saw space, how it saw Titan. How, in various spectra, electromagnetic radiation would translate to colours and how vibrant and harmonious these colours would be.

Just imagination, just flashes of thought, just feelings that transformed to shapes, structures and vibrant colours that expand beyond the canvas, on top of, and through the frame.


I really enjoyed the making of this painting, set up in 8 distinct, yet connected layers.


Note: Passing Titan can be hung both horizontally and vertically.

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You can buy your painting directly or through an interest-free art purchase arrangement. In addition, you can rent the paintings or rent & save where you build up a savings balance.

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