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Alternative perspectives (90x70cm)
795 EUR
Paintings per set:
Main colour:
Blue, indigo, green, Red, yellow, orange, Metallic or Epoxy, Textures (> 3mm)
Size of composition:
Medium (> 0,47 m2)

Perspective, in visual arts, is usually used to represent the ways objects appear smaller as they move farther into the distance. It adds depth and dimension to flat images. Think of a road you see, that disappears in a dot at the horizon.


Alternative perspectives on art, especially abstract art, can also mean alternative interpretation of what you see in a painting. Even how the painting should be hung: which side is up, which side is down.


Normally I paint with clear intention how it should be hung: it is clear which side is up. Sometimes I paint so the painting can be hung in Portrait or Landscape. My signature will then be tilted in one of the corners of the painting.


This painting however can be hung 4 ways. I was wondering how to put my signature in this case…

Did you locate it?


Mixed media on Acrylic bases, on canvas, 90cm x 70cm x 2cm.

If you can't find what you are looking for in the shop, check out the gallery for inspiration.

You can commission me if you want a unique painting in a certain style, size, colour and/or texture, or a painting matching home or office.

Enjoy inspiring colourful abstract art at home or in the office.



Every artwork of mine is an original.  If you have an artwork of mine, you are always the only one -exclusively- who has this hand-painted work of art.


Trust your gut feeling when choosing a painting. Would you first like a second opinion, or another view, then I'll be happy give you my advice and tips.


You have the option to buy your painting directly or through an interest-free art purchase arrangement. In addition, you can rent the paintings or rent&save where you build up a savings balance. There is an art loan for private individuals and an art loan for companies. Inquire about the possibilities.

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John DutchArt is member of JaKunst and is golden member of the Dutch Association of Visual Artists.

You can buy your painting directly or through an interest-free art purchase arrangement. In addition, you can rent the paintings or rent & save where you build up a savings balance.

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