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Swirls of human nature (53x53cm incl frame)
475 EUR
Paintings per set:
Main colour:
Blue, indigo, green, Red, yellow, orange, Textures (> 3mm)
Wood panel
Size of composition:
Small (< 0,47 m2)

A swirl has various meanings: it can mean a twisting or spiralling pattern, as in cigarette smoke, braided hair or an ice cream, being dizzy or giddy, or it is sometimes used as a label for a relationship between 2 people from different ethnicities and/or nationalities.


Human nature is a concept that denotes the thinking, feeling and acting that we are said to have naturally. Philosophers have been debating for centuries whether the development of human nature is related to genes or to environment (so called “nature” versus “nurture”).


Swirls and human nature. Do you recognise the following lines?
Reaching out, to touch a stranger. Electric eyes are everywhere.

See that girl, she knows I’m watching.

She likes the way I stare.
If they say “why?, why?”, just tell ‘em that is human nature.


While standing over my paint panel, all these meanings, alternative interpretations and thoughts came together and formed the inspiration for this painting; Swirls of human nature.

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You can buy your painting directly or through an interest-free art purchase arrangement. In addition, you can rent the paintings or rent & save where you build up a savings balance.

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