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Symphony in copper, set of 3
225 EUR
Paintings per set:
Main colour:
Black, white, grey, Metallic or Epoxy, Textures (> 3mm)
Wood panel
Size of composition:
Small (< 0,47 m2)

I can really enjoy the rain, appreciate its rhythms and the embrace of the fresh air when the rain is over. The sight of his wispy tracks across the window in my studio always makes my heart beat a little faster and motivates me to create new art, to create something I've never made before.


I observed how the raindrops over the window flowed together in small streams. It gave me the inspiration to create a work of art of several pieces, connected by a stream like that of raindrops. To give the 3 paintings a special look, I applied copper paint on a wooden panel, accompanied by the rhythm of the raindrops.


The rain has now stopped. But I see the clouds pumping up their chests with moisture, like an opera singer doing her vocal exercises for her next show.


Let it rain on my window in large volumes and inspire me to more art like this series of paintings, like a symphony of continuous streams of raindrops, painted in copper: a set of 3 paintings that can be combined into different variations. In each variation, the painting forms a different link with the other 2 paintings.


Mixed media on canvas, 51cm x 26cm  and  2 x 25cmx25cm incl. frame.

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Every artwork of mine is an original.  If you have an artwork of mine, you are always the only one -exclusively- who has this hand-painted work of art.


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John DutchArt is member of JaKunst and is golden member of the Dutch Association of Visual Artists.

You can buy your painting directly or through an interest-free art purchase arrangement. In addition, you can rent the paintings or rent & save where you build up a savings balance.

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