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Awsome Statement Art!

So happy to have it in our dining room. The painting is a statement in itself, with so much dynamics.

Love it, love it, love it.

Ian & Lubo, Veldhoven,

The Netherlands 

Paintng at diner with very happy customer
Paintings Summer with Sophie & Antoinette in living

I requested a modern painting in classic colours that would match my classic interior.  This painting is just spot on, love the shades of black and white combined with the slightly reflecting bronze.  

Mrs. M. Brugel, Eindhoven,

The Netherlands 

Abstract painting in living room of satisfied customer

I fell for the dynamics in these three paintings, the many blends of crisp blue with the contrast of the bright fluorescent red.  

Mr. G. Smits, Bergeijk, 

The Netherlands 

Paintings Blue Windows of opportunities in living

l had been looking for a particular painting style for a long time, but couldn't find it, until I saw the work of John. 

He created this painting to match our interiour.   

Love it !  

Mr. M. Santegoeds, Eindhoven,

The Netherlands 

Commisioned Painting in bedroom of satisfied customer


Two paintings in my favourite colours!

Where ever I hang them in my house, they just look great!  Brilliant paintings- so much joy to view Everyday!
Thanks! Thanks! John DutchArt 

Ms. Nobleza, Veldhoven,

The Netherlands 

Amazing painting, the combination of colors and the style. My imagination really started working the first time I saw this. It reminds me of a green dragon in a Pokemon cartoon. Like it a lot!​​​​​

Mr. & Ms. Arenas, Lisboa,


Painting at happy Portugese customer

Mr. L. Simko, Veldhoven,

The Netherlands 

Painting Can you hear the music at satisfied customer

A beautiful, mesmerizing, exquisite masterpiece. We love it! It fit the wall space in our living room, and it deserves that place. All Your art work is so fabulous! Thank you for sharing your talent. You keep my heart smiling.

Fam. Cuaresma, London,

United Kingdom

Painting on wood in living of happy UK customer

We really like the soothing harmoneous greyish colours in this painting. It gives us peace of mind and creates a calm vibe as soon as you lay eyes on it.

Mr. & Ms Viray, Lisboa, 


Abstract painting of John DutchArt at happy customer

Great abstract artwork, very interesting personality.... We have already several pieces from John and will always think of him as a 1st place to go for art.

Excellent work Jo​​​​​​hn!

Joel & Aljone Mallari, Cascais,


So many things going on in this painting.

We love the complexity and the dynamics. 

Abstract painting by John DutchArt with satisfied customer in Portugal

Vinia Ferrer, Lisboa,


Gave the painting to my daughter who loves the colours and the lining that changes with the reflection of the light. 

I like to wonder where the lines come from and are going to.  

Painting as birthday gift with happy customer in Portugal

Fam. Peter Flores, London,

United Kingdom

Set of paintings at happy customer in London

These 3 colourtful paintings cheer up our living, and our spirits, each and every day.

It really brings colour to our world. 

Fam. Arts, Eindhoven,

The Netherlands

Very happy with these paintings. Love the many shades of green and how lines pass from one painting to the next, connecting them.  

Set of paintings at happy customer

I value customer service and pride myself on the personal attention that I can give to my customers. My commitment to quality is your guarantee for an inspiring and colourful abstract painting, your own Statement Art on the wall. My clients are more than satisfied with their painting(s) and they regularly let me know how they enjoy it every day.


Below is an overview of some of the reactions from customers with their own photos of Statement Art by John Dutchart.


It gives a fairly good idea of ​​the diversity of my work and how it can help to transform your room into an inspiring environment. In the gallery you will find most of my sold works, including those paintings that are not displayed on this page.

Whether you are looking for a small or large painting, I have them in (almost) all sizes, view the currently available abstract art. If the desired size or style is not available, please contact me. If you like, I would be happy to make a specific painting just for you, your own unique Statement Art.

"A beautiful, mesmerizing, exquisite masterpiece. We love it!" 

Originally purchased a different painting. But it was to dark for our kitchen. It was no problem to return it and we found this painting instead. These bright colours inspire me while cooking.

Lubo, Veldhoven,

The Netherlands

Painting Close ties in kitchen of happy customer

To chear up the bedroom, we asked John if he could do a series of small relaxing painting for over the bed.

Wow, did he surpirse me, I find these paintings so adorable.

Ian, Veldhoven,

The Netherlands

Fluid Art paintings in bedroom at happy customer

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We asked John to paint 1 painting in this particular style for our kitchen. He painted 4 pieces, so we could chose one.

They are so gorgeous, we took them all and hung them in our living!

Mr. & Ms Baclor, Helmond, 

The Netherlands 

Abstract painting - Energetic bodies (4x 60x80cm) - in living room

Loved this painting the minute I saw it.  So interesting to hear the inspiration behind it, it gives us a nice story to tell our visitors.

Jimil, Helmond, 

The Netherlands 

Abstract painting - Blue rivers of Kawa Ijen (160x80cm) - in living room

The energy of the sun in my very own living.

Fantastic painting!

Ian Nobleza, Veldhoven, 

The Netherlands 

Abstract painting - Preservation of yellow (60x80cm) - in living room

We asked John to make a painting in our colours.  We were pleasantly surpirsed by the painting, it looks amazing in every aspect. So happy with this eye catcher, it symbolises many things for us. Thank you so much John.

Carel & Isay, Culemborg, 

The Netherlands 

Abstract painting - affectionate touch - wedding giftiving room
Abstract painting - forms out of colour - in living room

I looked at this painting many times, but wasn't sure it would fit my room. Asked to hang it on my wall for trial.

Then wondered why I ever doubted, the painting brightens up my whole room.

A. Nonymous, Veldhoven,

The Netherlands

John DutchArt is member of JaKunst and is golden member of the Dutch Association of Visual Artists.

We wanted art that would  catch your eye when you would enter our living. Commisioned John, explained the colours and size we liked, and left it up to him.

It turned out to a master piece, makes our living look alive.

I. Nobleza, Nitra,


Abstract painting - anomaly of the cosmos - in living
Abstract painting - depiction of the cosmos - in living room

We all went to select a painting for our living. We narrowed it down to 3 beautiful paintings and then finally decided for this one. It has something mysterious, fascinating and the epoxy is just awesome.

Fam. Lomas, Windsor,

United Kingdom

Abstract painting - physically close - in living room

I had looked at this painting so many times. I love the colours and lines.

Now I have bought it, and it is finally hanging in my living.

I am still excited each day I look at it. 

R. Sandig, Eindhoven,

The Netherlands

Abstract painting - autumn of life - in living room

I am so happy with this painting in my living. It matches all my furniture.

Each time I look at it, I find new structures, details hidden in earthly colours. 

M. de Groot, Eindhoven,

The Netherlands

Abstract painting - Brazilian kiss - in bedroom

When I saw this jewel of art, I felt I had to have it.

I gave it as a present to my daughter and her husband, because I felt this painting reflects their love for each other.

Mr. F.M. Mathiot, 


Love this cheerful and energetic painting in my kitchen.


Gives me lots of energy when ever I look at it.

Leah, Helmond,

The Netherlands

Abstract painting - physical energy - in kitchen

We asked John to come to our place and advice on art that matches our interior. He came with several paintings, and recommended this one for our living.

Wow, Great advice, it fits 100%

Anneleen, Lommel,


Abstract painting - senang - in living

Loved the painting the minute I saw it at John's gallery.

Asked it for a trial because was afraid it could be too overwhelming in our house.

Hung it in my kitchen, ... it is so MAGNIFICENT!!

Mr. S. Vandenberk, Lommel,


Abstract painting - La vie est belle - in living

The colours in this painting are so vibrant and intens, it draws the attention of every visitor.  The reflections of the epoxy are really mesmerising.

Hilla, Veldhoven,

The Netherlands

Abstract painting - Rapunzel - in living

S. & H. Zamir, Veldhoven,

The Netherlands 

We just moved to The Netherlands. Wanted to give our new home our signature. Something bold, something vibrant. We asked John to create our Statement Art.  

He surely did!

Painting A friendly neoghbour in bedroom