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Metallurgic creations 3 (100x100cm)
1395 EUR
1 painting
Main colour:
Black, white, grey, Metallic - gold, silver, bronze, copper
Wood panel
Size of composition:
Large (> 0,95 m2)

Metallic Acrylics on wood panel with bronze anodised aluminum frame


In a previous life I had a machine factory. I was proud of the impressive food processing machines we made. Proud of the people in the factory who build those a machines up from literally nothing. Proud and a little jealous of their work and their craftsmanship. At the end of my working day, my desk would look unchanged. At the end of their working day, you could see the shiny big machines they were building getting closer and closer to completion. When I told them they smiled, probably must have thought it funny that the director envied them. 


At that time I hardly had time to paint. Now, as a full-time professional artist, I have dedicated my  time to painting and I can and want to create, literally from scratch. Like the men and women in my factory.


As a tribute to these craftsmen and women of my past, I am going to make a series of paintings inspired by their craftsmanship and the materials they processed. At the moment of writing (2021) I am still working on this series. This is the third painting is this series.

All my paintings are originals, acompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. I don't produce prints, as nothing compares to owning an original artwork. Owning a painting from me, you are the only one -exclusively- who will ever have it.

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