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Space-time (93x73cm)
945 EUR
1 painting
Main colour:
Red, yellow, orange, Black, white, grey
Canvas on a frame
Size of composition:
Medium (> 0,47 m2)

... Because sometimes I feel like time outruns me, while I hardly seem to move.


In modern science, space and time are combined into space-time and have thus become inseparable. Consider time as a measure of how fast space moves a certain distance.


All time is measured by movement. The earth’s time to revolve once is 23,9 hours. The time it takes the earth to circle the sun once is 364.3 days. The time it takes light to travel from the Andromeda Galaxy to Earth is 2,538,000 years. Space and distance define time.


According to Einstein, if the earth would move faster, we would be slightly smaller, and gravity would be slightly greater. If we would speed up, mass would increase, time slows, and size decreases. So, not too good for our BMI, but we would live longer ūüėČ


Acrylic on canvas, 93cm x 73cm x 4cm.

All my paintings are originals, acompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. I don't produce prints, as nothing compares to owning an original artwork. Owning a painting from me, you are the only one -exclusively- who will ever have it.

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