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Physically close (80x60cm)
425 EUR
1 painting
Main colour:
Blue, indigo, green, Red, yellow, orange, Metallic - gold, silver, bronze, copper
Canvas on a frame
Size of composition:
Medium (> 0,47 m2)

Being physically close releases the love hormones (see painting Oxitocin release).

Never underestimate the importance of being physically close to each other and hugging and kissing in a relationship. While it may seem like a small thing, these acts of affection are powerful ways to stay connected. Even a casual peck is impactful.


A kiss is a very sweet way to remind someone that you care for them. The more when it is unexpected and non-sexual.  Then the kiss is more about caring and affection.  Of course, the same goes for hugging and being physically close to each other in general.


The inspiration for this painting came at the time I was doing another painting for a wedding. I wanted to put this particular inspiration I got while working on the other painting on canvas. So I did.


Acrylic on canvas, 80cm x 60cm x 2cm.

All my paintings are originals, acompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. I don't produce prints, as nothing compares to owning an original artwork. Owning a painting from me, you are the only one -exclusively- who will ever have it.

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