Colourful Abstract Paintings by Dutch Artist John Dutchart. Get your own Statement Art directly from the artist
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All my paintings are originals, acompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. I don't produce prints, as nothing compares to owning an original artwork. Owning a painting from me, you are the only one -exclusively- who will ever have it.

Large Paintings

Physical energie (53x43 incl frame)
1 painting
Main colour:
Red, yellow, orange, Black, white, grey
Canvas on a frame
Size of composition:
Small (< 0,47 m2)

Whatever you’re doing, you use physical energy, mental energy and emotional energy in varying proportions. The proportions depend on the activity.

Mental energy powers your ideas and thinking, and the internal processing of your mind.

Emotional energy fuels feelings, such as excitement and desire, and contributes to your state of being.

Physical energy manifests itself as bodily action and movements and powers all your physiology.

WxHxD [cm] = 53x43x4 (including frame)