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All my paintings are originals, acompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. I don't produce prints, as nothing compares to owning an original artwork. Owning a painting from me, you are the only one -exclusively- who will ever have it.

Large Paintings

Cosmopolitans (150x100cm)
1395 EUR
1 painting
Main colour:
Blue, indigo, green, Red, yellow, orange, Black, white, grey, Textures (> 3mm)
Canvas on a frame
Size of composition:
Extra Large (> 1,49 m2)

Cosmopolitans are people who are at home all over the world, … or if not that, a Cosmopolitan is an alcoholic beverage made with vodka, lime juice, cranberry juice and orange flavoured liqueur.


I made this painting in commission for a couple, that have become close friends. They asked me to create something for them while they were traveling Eastern Europe for almost 2 months. During their travel they kept me updated with pictures of impressive cities, idyllic villages and stunning nature. And also many pictures of them having a drink at a pretty spot under a golden sun. Didn’t know what it was they were drinking, but liked the thought of it being a Cosmopolitan. A Cosmopolitan with the same name, but of a different nature than the Cosmopolitans they are.

I wanted to combine as much as possible all the inspiration I got from their many pictures in one painting. Which was really challenging, as their pictures were so varying in style; from bustling capitals with straight organised structures to green nature with organic shapes. Alternated with pictures of a drink under a golden sunshine.


Challenging as it was, when I look at the painting, I see it is all there. Eternalisation of 2 months out of the travels of Cosmopolitans.


Acrylic on canvas, 150cm x 100cm x 4cm.