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A mermaid's tail (53x43cm incl frame)
235 EUR
1 painting
Main colour:
Blue, indigo, green, Red, yellow, orange, Purple, pink
Canvas on a frame
Size of composition:
Small (< 0,47 m2)

Acrylic on canvas, 50cm x 43cm.


While painting the structure of scales, I got a flashback of how my nieces -when they were still young- were fascinated by these magic fantasy creatures of the sea; mermaids. The painting reminded me of the scales of a mermaid’s tail and how my nieces wished they could swim with a mermaid’s tail.


Want to explore more on Mermaid’s tails, watch “A Mermaid's Tale”, a 2016 movie featuring mermaids named Coral, Moroven and Thaleia.


PS. It is not recommended to use mermaid tails and fins in open water environments as these are unpredictable with currents, swells and rips which increase risk when swimming. Some public swimming pools across Australia have banned the use of mermaid tails and fins for safety reasons.

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