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Looking for a unique hand painted abstract painting?

Art comes in many shapes and sizes, large and small, classic or modern, and figurative or abstract. Are you considering a modern abstract painting? Unique and hand-painted?
Then let me inform you about the magic and the added value of a hand-painted abstract painting.

If you have any questions after reading this or if you would like free advice, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you are curious about my hand-painted artworks, take a look at the online store or make an appointment for a viewing.

The mystery behind the hand-painted abstract painting

The contrast between abstraction and recognizable elements creates an intriguing play of imagination and reality. The painting challenges the viewer to search for familiar shapes and figures in the abstract composition. This creates a captivating dialogue between the unknown and the familiar, challenging the viewer to look at the world differently. The painting invites introspection and reflection, making it a source of inspiration and wonder.

Why a hand-painted painting has added value

Unique Creativity: A hand-painted painting shows the unique creativity of me, as an artist, making it an authentic and original work of art. The process of creating a painting by hand allows me to express my own personal vision and style, guaranteeing each painting to be unique.
No two paintings will be the same, even if they have the same source of inspiration or use the same technique.

Uniqueness and exclusivity

Since hand-painted paintings cannot be reproduced in the same way as prints or reproductions, they have an intrinsic uniqueness and exclusivity. Each painting is a unique piece of art handcrafted by me over a period of many weeks. Owning a hand-painted painting means you have something no one else has, making it a special and exclusive addition to your interior or art collection.

Hand-painted abstract paintings can have a great emotional impact on the viewer. This is mainly due to the expression of emotions expressed in this art form and the emotions it can arouse in you, the spectator. Abstract paintings allow me, as an artist, to express my deepest feelings and thoughts without being limited by objective reality. This makes it possible for you as a spectator to give your own subjective interpretation to the work, which can lead to an enhancement of your mood.

The popularity of own hand-painted abstract paintings at home has increased sharply in recent years. Especially during the corona period. More and more people appreciate the unique expressiveness and creativity that these works of art bring. This has led to an increase in the market value of these paintings, with some works selling for significant sums.


Art galleries and auction houses play an important role in the sale of these paintings. In addition to the growing interest of individual buyers, there are also collectors who focus specifically on collecting hand-painted abstract paintings. They see these works of art as an investment and are prepared to pay considerable sums for them. For collectors, however, it is very important that the authenticity and certification of the paintings are guaranteed. A Certificate of Authenticity plays a crucial role in this. It gives collectors the certainty that they have a real and original work of art in their hands.



With every artwork you buy from me you will receive a certificate of authenticity: the Certificate of Authenticity.
This certificate has my signature and a hologram. What most art collectors appreciate about this certificate is the included description of my inspiration for the painting.

Custom made paintings
art in the office

My hand-painted abstract paintings often have a deep emotional expression that cannot be replicated with digital techniques, … impressive as AI may be.
I can transfer my feelings and emotions directly to the canvas through brush strokes, color choices and composition. This gives the painting a lively and intense look.

Each hand-painted abstract painting is the result of my artistic vision and inspiration, making it personal and original. My personal involvement can be felt in every detail of the painting. In addition to time and patience, the painting process also requires a lot of experience, techniques and skills developed over many years and countless paintings.
It gives you the feeling of craftsmanship and craftsmanship, and that gives an extra dimension to the work of art.

Discover the magic of a hand-painted abstract painting.

 What were the thoughts of the artist, what was going through his mind while he created his abstract painting?

Instead, you are invited to give your own interpretation to the abstract shapes and patterns in an artwork of mine. Instead of a concrete image or representation, an abstract painting of mine offers space for your own imagination and introspection. Everyone can find their own meaning and emotion in the shapes and lines on the canvas or panel. And the nice thing is that different people often see different things in my paintings. Sometimes also shapes or figures that I had not yet discovered myself.
Follow the brushstrokes and textures and shapes. Discover the different layers of paint and how they form a whole together.
This makes the painting interesting and intimate, as it offers the opportunity to have a unique personal connection with the artwork, from your thoughts, the way you feel, the way you experience it.

Due to the texture and depth created by hand, you get a tangible element in the painting. The relief and structure of the paint, texture paste and other materials give the work a tactile quality that you can feel with your eyes, and with your hands.
I always like to see how an art collector looks at a painting, and then carefully feels it with his/her hand. As if the physical feeling gives confirmation of what the eye sees.
The painting thus becomes more than just a visual object, it becomes a physical experience.
Don't worry, a thick layer of varnish protects every piece of art of mine. You can also clean it with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

Unique Creativity

Emotional expression

Texture and depth

The use of brush strokes in combination with 3D elements such as texture paste and stones or sand creates texture and depth in a hand-painted painting. The subtle variations in thickness and texture give the painting a tangible quality, making it literally tangible for the viewer. This creates an engaging visual experience that cannot be reproduced with digital prints or reproductions.

Craftsmanship and craftsmanship

The Emotional impact of hand-painted abstract paintings

In short, hand-painted paintings offer unique creativity, emotional expression, texture and depth, as well as uniqueness and exclusivity. They are a worthwhile investment for art lovers and add a personal and authentic touch to any space.

Note the Authenticity of hand-painted abstract paintings

depth en texture in a painting
Abstract painting by John DutchArt
Time it takes to create great art
unique hand-painted art
Emotional value of a hand-painted abstract painting
Certificate of Authenticity

The Certificate of Authenticity has become an essential tool for ensuring the authenticity and value of works of art, offering you the assurance that you own a genuine and original hand-painted abstract painting.

painting detail

Due to the absence of recognizable shapes and figures, you are invited to use your imagination as you explore the painting. This leads to a personal involvement with the artwork, which makes the emotional impact stronger. The intense visual experience of colors, lines and textures for a direct connection from you to the painting. Hand-painted abstract paintings have a magical power to evoke emotions and take you on a journey of imagination and introspection, if you open up to it.