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Cosmopolitans (150x100cm)
Paintings per set:
Main colour:
Blue, indigo, green, Red, yellow, orange, Black, white, grey, Textures (> 3mm)
Size of composition:
Extra Large (> 1,49 m2)

Cosmopolitans are people who are at home all over the world, … or if not that, a Cosmopolitan is an alcoholic beverage made with vodka, lime juice, cranberry juice and orange flavoured liqueur.


I made this painting in commission for a couple, that have become close friends. They asked me to create something for them while they were traveling Eastern Europe for almost 2 months. During their travel they kept me updated with pictures of impressive cities, idyllic villages and stunning nature. And also many pictures of them having a drink at a pretty spot under a golden sun. Didn’t know what it was they were drinking, but liked the thought of it being a Cosmopolitan. A Cosmopolitan with the same name, but of a different nature than the Cosmopolitans they are.

I wanted to combine as much as possible all the inspiration I got from their many pictures in one painting. Which was really challenging, as their pictures were so varying in style; from bustling capitals with straight organised structures to green nature with organic shapes. Alternated with pictures of a drink under a golden sunshine.


Challenging as it was, when I look at the painting, I see it is all there. Eternalisation of 2 months out of the travels of Cosmopolitans.


Acrylic on canvas, 150cm x 100cm x 4cm.

This colourful Abstract Statement Art already hangs in living rooms, bedrooms and offices of other art collectors and is unfortunately no longer available.  In the Webshop you can see inspiring works of art that are currently available. Both on sale or available through art loan.

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