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Are the paintings also available as prints? 

All my artworks are original and are never reproduced, also not as prints.


Do the artworks come with a certificate of authenticity?

All paintings available for sale have a certificate of authenticity. This certificate contains the main features of the painting, including a photo. The certificate always has a holographic logo and my signature on it.


The work I wanted is no longer available - can I commission a painting?

Sometimes paintings are sold before they are published. I never copy a painting exactly, but of course I can make you a new unique painting in the same style and with the same colour scheme. Please feel free to contact me, I would be happy to make a painting specifically tailored to your preferences. 

Curious where I get my inspiration for my artwork? Read about it in this example how I got my inspiration for a commissioned work.


Are all artworks on the website available for sale?

Not always, some artworks have already been sold. If an artwork has already been sold, then this painting can no longer be found on the page with Available Works. If you can't find another piece of art that will make your heart beat faster, don't hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to advise you or create a unique work of art just for you.

Are frames available for all artworks?

Absolutely. Some paintings are come with a frame as can be seen on the photo on the website. If the artwork is not yet framed, I can frame it for you. Let me know and I'll make sure we find the perfect frame for your painting.


How much will a frame for a painting cost?

If the artwork is already framed, the frame is part of the painting and is included in the price. If the painting is not yet framed, an additional cost applies, depending on the chosen frame. Note, frames can be very pricey.


Can you make recommendations or give me advice?

My passion is abstract art. I would be happy to advise you on this, without floating jargon, please feel free to contact me. My first advice is to browse the website for Available Paintings and Sold Paintings to get inspiration and to sensee which colours and styles appeal to you.

You can also read my tips on choosing art.


Do I have to pay for the Advice on Art?

No, this is completely free of charge. I look forward to help you discover and enjoy new works of art.



I want to give a painting as a gift, but which painting?

It is a great idea to give art as a gift. But it can be difficult to choose the right artwork for someone else, even if you know them very well.

I can help you in 2 ways: I can approach him or her and ask what he or she likes and offer a selection within the budget that you set in advance. Or you can give him or her a gift voucher, combined with my personal advice to help with choosing a painting. 

How do I check the size of the artwork?

The measurements of the artwork is shown next to the title. The dimensions are external dimensions, including the frame. If a work of art consists of a set of paintings of equal size, the number of paintings x the outer size of the painting is displayed. For a set of paintings of different sizes, the size of all paintings in the set is displayed, including a space of 1.5cm between the individual paintings.



Is the image on the website an accurate representation of the artwork?

Yes, it is a correct representation of the work of art, but not of binding value because colours on a screen usually deviate from the colours in real life. A different light on the painting or a different viewing angle can also give a different view.

But don't worry: if the artwork you have ordered does not meet your expectations, you have 30 days after delivery to return the artwork and you will get your purchase refunded.  Please feel free to take a look at the customer testimonials. Customers frequently say that the artwork is even more beautiful in real life than on the website.



How do I buy art Online?

To buy a painting click on the button "buy", below the image of the work of art. You will then be taken to the Shopping Cart. From there you can enter address details and complete the payment. Payment can be made directly via PayPal or afterwards via bank transfer. Payment in cash or by the App Tikkie is of course also possible. You will receive a confirmation from me once payment is completed.



How can I pay?

You can pay for online purchases with PayPal, iDeal or bank transfer. When you visit my studio you can also pay with the App "Tikkie" or Cash.


Are prices in- or excluding VAT ?

Prices for sales in The Netherlands are including 9% VAT. For sales outside The Netherlands the prices shown are excluding VAT, with the 9% price difference being deducted in the standard transportation costs. Should you arrange and pay transportation by yourself, the sales price of the Artwork will be deducted by 9%.


What happens when the payment is completed?

When your payment is received, the artwork is yours. I will give you a confirmation and will arrange the packaging and shipping of the artwork (this normally takes about 7 days). The artwork is then delivered to the indicated address.


Can I cancel my order?

Of course. Before the artwork is shipped, you can still cancel the delivery and I will refund you immediately. Make sure to give me a call on time on +31 (0) 6 - 5358 5395.

When the artwork is shipped, the cancellation period ends 30 days after delivery. I can only refund you once I have received the artwork back in its original condition.


What if I have a question about payment, confirmation or delivery?

Do not hesitate to contact me regarding payment, delivery or anything else. Send me a message or Call me on +31 (0) 6 - 5358 5395?



I'm looking for a particular pop art. Can I commission pop art?

Pop art is an interesting form of art that went completely against the art movements at the time. Check out this page about pop art for more background. Yes, depending on what you want, you can commisson specific pop art for you.

It is best to send me a message or give me a call.

How are the artworks packaged?

The works of art are carefully packed in bubble wrap covered by a wooden protection plate, in a cardboard box. Larger works of art are also provided with an extra wooden frame.

Please keep all packaging material until you are sure you do not want to return the artwork.

How long does the shipment take?

After payment is completed, it takes on average 7 days for the artwork to be delivered within the Netherlands. If a different frame for your painting has been ordered, it can of course take longer.

My experience with delivery to other countries within the EU (during the Corona crises) is that it can take up to 3 weeks, to the UK even up to 6 weeks.


Who takes care of the delivery?

Depending on the size and destination of the artwork, I use courier companies such as PostNL, DHL or UPS, or companies specialized in the transport of art.


To which countries can you ship?

To almost all countries.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a shipment.


How much does shipping cost?

The shipping costs within the Netherlands are included in the price of the artwork. For shipping to other countries, within the EU and outside the EU, the costs vary enormously. Please contact me for this.


Are the artworks insured during shipment?

Yes. Don't worry the artwork is insured during its transportation. No additional costs will be charged for this.

I've changed my mind. Can I return the artwork?

That is a pity, but can happen. You have up to 30 days after delivery of the artwork to return it. Please inform me via Email. Make sure that the artwork is in its original condition, is well packaged and sufficiently insured for transport. You get a full refund of the artwork, minus the shipping costs if these were included in the purchase price of the artwork. If the package has been damaged or lost due to your courier, unfortunately I cannot refund the purchase amount. You can of course claim your damage from your courier so that you still get your purchase amount back.


What to do if the artwork arrived damaged?

If you see damage when the package is delivered, you can refuse it with note “damaged - return to sender”. If the damage appears to be limited to the packaging only, you can have the delivery company mark the tracking as “received damaged, subject to closer inspection by recipient”. If it turns out that the artwork is damaged, please take pictures and notify me immediately so that I can file a claim with the courier.

Depending on the extent of the damage, we can have the artwork repaired or you can return it and I’ll refund you the money. The costs for repair or return, in case of damage during shipping, are for me.


When will I receive the refund for a return?

As soon as the artwork has been delivered in its original condition, you will receive the refund within 4 days.

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