Colourful Abstract Paintings. Get your own Statement Art directly from the artist
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A custom-made abstract painting. Unique and personal.

Do you find my artworks beautiful and inspiring, but do you have specific wishes regarding the size and/or colour combination? Do you want something that is made specifically for you, according to your preference, tailored to the space where you want to hang the painting? A unique painting in a certain atmosphere, “blending in” or “standing out”?

What is Commissioning an Artwork?

Commissioning a work of art therefore has something extraordinary, something almost magical, because it offers you the opportunity to obtain a personalized work of art. Unique, made especially for you, art in your name that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

How can you commission your own abstract painting?

We look at colour combinations, desired structures and shapes in the foreground and/or background of the painting, materials, framing and dimensions. All tailored to the location where the painting will be hung and to the existing interior.
As a starting point, it is easy to view existing paintings, where you can indicate what you like and what you do not like in a work of art. Think of colours, colour intensity, colour transitions, colour combinations, quantity and type of background structures and foreground structures, 3D thickness of the structures, shapes and proportions of structures and surfaces, application of gloss or matte varnish and/or epoxy, enhanced painted frame, smooth frame or without frame.

4. If desired, we'll fine-tune colours and shapes once more before starting.

If we feel that it is not sufficiently clear what colour combinations you want in your artwork, or if they combine well with your interior, I will first make a colour and shape impression on a canvas board for you.

After receiving the down payment, I will start working on your own unique Work of Art. 

In the painting I will incorporate as many of your wishes as possible, as long as it does not come at the expense of the overall appearance and atmosphere of the painting. You have to allow me my artistic space and the freedom I require to complete your painting to a beautiful work of art.

If you are 100% satisfied with the artwork, you will receive the final invoice. After payment of the remaining payment you will receive the Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate describes the physical characteristics of the artwork and gives an insight into the inspiration of the artwork. It features a photo of the artwork, a hologram and signature of John DutchArt.

Keep this document with your work of art, it is proof that you have a one-of-a-kind, unique, original work of art, custom made for you.

Custom made paintings
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If you want to link a special event to the painting (e.g. wedding, birth, birthday), or a location (e.g. holiday island, former place of residence) or inspiration (e.g. a feeling or an emotion) you can let me know and I will try to incorporate it into the painting in a non-objective abstract way.

Since I often build up a painting in layers, sometimes up to 9 layers, I need some time for your painting. Depending on other works at hand and the size and number of paintings you want to commission, you should count on a lead time of 3 to 7 weeks after start.

If you agree with the quotation price and delivery time, I will ask you for a down payment of 30%. This down payment is non-refundable.

In the unlikely event that you ultimately decide not to, or cannot purchase the artwork you have commissioned, this down payment will remain available at John DutchArt as a freely disposable amount for a year. An existing painting can be purchased or rented for the amount of the down payment. The amount can also be used again as a down payment on an artwork to order, a re-order. A re-order of a custom artwork with the down payment made, can be done a maximum of 1 time.

You can commission a unique and timeless abstract painting for a variety of reasons, to upgrade your interior or transform any space, to celebrate an important moment, or to make a statement. Find out how to have a work of art made for your home or office and discover how it will enrich your life. Read on to find out how I can create a beautiful, personalized piece of art just for you.

When you commission art, you, as the client, hire me as the artist to create an artwork based on your specifications. With your specific requirements and artistic wishes.

Not something one does every day, yet not that uncommon either.

Commissioning art is something that occurs frequently in history. Rulers and government agencies have had portraits and statues made for centuries to demonstrate their power, privileges and wealth


This works as follows:

1. We coordinate with each other what your wishes are.

2. We look at the desired term in which you want the painting.

3. You will receive a final quote from me.

Depending on your specifications, I will give you a quotation. Usually I can tell you this right on the spot.


To get an indication of the prices, have a look at available paintings, of this year or the year before, in the size you are looking for. Where many artists add a surcharge of up to 30% for a commissioned painting, I do not.  My passion for painting is to your advantage here.

5. Upon approval, your down payment is required for me te start.

6. After the down payment “the magic starts”.

My non-objective abstract art is always unique and will therefore, by definition, always differ slightly from other paintings that may have served as a reference for your commissioned painting, as well as from any colours and shapes made by me on the impression canvas board. This is unavoidable and you should realise this in advance.

After 3 to 7 weeks your artwork is finished and I will ship or bring it to your home where you can unpack and hang it with pride. When the artwork is displayed in its proper place and surrounding, the true beauty of the painting will come to life and you can start enjoying your own unique Wall Art.

7. Certificate of Authenticity.

To ensure that the painting properly conveys the style, emotion and atmosphere you had in mind, you can provide me with some photos, videos or texts which encompass the theme and mood.

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The magic of custom made abstract art
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