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Enjoy more class & atmosphere of living, bedroom or workspace with a hand-painted modern painting.

The secret to a modern & luxurious interior, is what hangs on the wall

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I m happy to share my inspiration, as artist, for creating an artwork. But more important is what the painting evokes in you, your family or your visitors. What do you see, what feeling do you get with the painting?

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Modern paintings in living room
Inspiring paintings for an inspiring work place

A painting that hangs on your wall also says something about you. Says something about your taste, about your affinity with art; Will you go for a flat print, or do you go for a hand-painted original with depth and a clear paint structure on the canvas.

A painting on your wall is a statement from you. It is your Statement Art.

"A beautiful mesmerizing exquisite masterpiece. All your artwork is so fabulous"

fam. Cuaresma - London

"Amazing painting, the combination of colours and style. My imagination really took off the first time I saw it"

fam. Arenas - Lisbon

Show who you are, with art

Want to buy an abstract painting?

In the small but complete gallery in Eindhoven, above the studio, there are always 70-100 paintings in stock. The collection consists of both colourful inspiring paintings and luxurious paintings with 3D structure and golden tones.

Luxurious abstract painting brings atmosphere in bedroom
Art gallery Eindhoven
Art gallery John DutchArt in Eindhoven

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Turn your living room or bedroom into an atmospheric space with style and appearance. Experience for yourself how much style and luxury a modern abstract painting on the wall adds.

​​​​​​​And contemporary modern art really doesn't have to be expensive. John DutchArt has a large selection of affordable modern art.

An original abstract work of art turns your House into your stylish modern Home.

With an original colourful work of art with a deep rich textures, your office turns into an inspirational room

Art Gallery of John DutchArt in Venlo
Entrance art gallery Venlo

In the showroom in Venlo, approximaely 15 abstract paintings are shown in a luxurious modern living room arrangement.

Modern abstract painting with structure and texture
Luxury abstract painting with gold effects

You are most welcome for a visit.

Please make an appointment before visiting, to be sure that I am avaibale.

Tel. 06-5358 5395

Do you feel that your living room or bedroom has too little atmosphere, and are you wondering how you can make it more stylish and atmospheric?

Luxury painting with gold in bedroom

Modern painting in living room

Visit the online webshop, the gallery in Eindhoven or showroom in Venlo

Luxury painting in a waiting room

Abstract paintings with gold accents and clearly present 3D structures are very popular in modern living environments, such as living rooms and bedrooms. But also in work areas, passages and waiting areas.

They give a rich, luxurious look and offer room for imagination and inspiration.

But the most important thing about modern abstract wall art?

It is a luxury that you can enjoy every day again.

And good to know; I do not charge any surcharge for a painting in commission.

Call or app me, and I'll be happy to see how I can help you with your abstract art.
You may of course also mail me 
with photo's of your room or the kind of art you seek.

Just trust your Gut Feeling

Take the time to select an appealing modern painting. A painting that fits you.

Trust me, it's really not that difficult.

Take a look at your leisure and look for a beautiful painting that gives you the YES or WOW experience.


In the Online Gallery you will find various styles of abstract art. With many vibrant colours, or a bit more neutral, with heavy gold accents, or without, with a lot of 3D structure or more 2D.


Sometimes a 2-part, 3-part, 4-part or even 5-part is very suitable. That also depends on the space you have on the wall. It can also be a stylish and economical way to modernize long corridors or walls.

Then consider having your painting made in commission, according to your preferences.

How personal does your art then become?

Didn't find your painting style in the available paintings, or not in the size you want,

but perhaps among the paintings sold, or do you have an example of what you like?

When you are looking for an abstract painting, there are a number of things you should pay attention to. Firstly, it is important to consider which colours and shapes appeal to you. Abstract art can contain a wide range of colours and shapes, so it's important to know what your personal taste is. In addition, it is good to determine in advance what your budget is and what size the painting should be. It is also good to see what the style of the painting is.


In this way you can make a well-considered choice and buy an abstract painting that perfectly matches your wishes and interior.

What you should pay attention to when buying an abstract painting

How to choose the right dimensions for your space

The importance of colour and composition in abstract artwork

The price range of abstract paintings

The price of abstract paintings can vary greatly. On average, the prices of my paintings are between €295 and €1,900, depending on various factors. For example, the size, the material on which the paintings are painted and the number of paintings that make up the composition play a role in determining the price.

If you are looking for an abstract painting, it is wise to compare prices between different artists before purchasing. This way you can find out which artist best suits your budget.


In addition, you can also consider renting or rent to buy the painting if the purchase price is too high or if you are not yet sure whether the painting will still suit you in the long term. This way you can still enjoy a beautiful painting, without having to make a large investment in one go.

To illustrate: when you rent a painting, you pay a fixed amount per month. The advantage of this is that you can return or buy the painting after a certain period of time. With hire purchase you pay a monthly amount and the painting becomes your property after the agreed term. This can be a good option if you don't want to pay the whole amount right away, but would like to have a painting at home.

It is important to think carefully about what price range you want, and to consider the options of renting or hire purchase, so that you can ultimately find the perfect painting that suits your needs and budget.

Colour and composition are two important elements when choosing your abstract paintings.

Contrast can be used to draw attention to certain areas of the abstract painting. For example, combining bright colours with dark colours creates a visual contrast that draws the viewer's eye. This can be used, for example, to draw attention to a central element in the painting.


I like to let the different colours or shapes flow into each other in my abstract paintings. I use this to create a calm appearance in the painting. By subtly blending colours into each other, a soft, organic appearance is created that is soothing for the viewer.


A good composition ensures harmony and tranquility on the canvas. It is important that the different elements in the painting are in balance with each other. In some of my abstract artworks the composition seems to be randomly placed and this can create a dynamic and chaotic feeling. It is therefore important to look at the composition, use of colour, contrast and colour transitions in an abstract painting.

See if the painting evokes desired and a good feeling so that you can enjoy your painting to the fullest.

To choose the right dimensions for your space, there are a number of steps you can take. First of all, it is important to measure the space where you want to hang the painting. This way you know which dimensions suit the available space.

In addition, it is important to determine which format you want. Do you want a clearly present and striking work of art, so-called Statement Art, or a smaller addition to your interior?


It is also important to consider other furniture and decoration in the room. Choose a painting that matches the style of your interior and that does not deviate too much from the colours that are already present.

Or go for an abstract painting with its own, different colour composition.

Also consider hanging several smaller paintings next to each other, instead of one large painting. This can give the room more dynamism.


Finally, it is always wise to seek advice from a professional. As an abstract artist, an interior designer or an art consultant, I can help you make the right choice. Feel free to ask for advice on the best dimensions and which painting best suits you and your interior.

By following these steps, you can be sure that you are buying the perfect abstract painting for your space.