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Using art to support charity

Did you know about childhood cancer that:

• Every week 10 children get cancer (in the Netherlands alone);

• A child in the Netherlands dies of cancer every 3 days;

• Cancer is the most common cause of death from illness in children.

KiKa (Kinderen KankerVrij; Children Cancer Free) helps these children. That is why I am a passionate ambassador for KiKa and support them with my paintings for auctions.

100% of the proceeds go to KiKa.


This time an (art) fact that you don't always think about, but that does deserve your attention.

Some facts about childhood cancer that really shocked me when I first read them. And how through my art I support the people who are working hard to do something about this.

For the benefit auction of KiKa, in the run-up to the KiKa marathon in London, I made 3 paintings from the Good Food Cooking series available.


Something delicious for someone else


Child's play and adult joy    and


One learns by doing


The auction will start online on April 1 and will run until June 10 2022 via this link. On Saturday 11 June from 4 pm the auction will continue “live” at the Center for the Arts Eindhoven during a benefit afternoon for the KiKa Foundation.

Hope many people will want to contribute. Every little bit helps.

What exactly does KiKa, the Children's Cancer Free Foundation, do?


KiKa funds childhood cancer studies to cure all children with cancer and improve treatment methods. A lot of money is needed to finance oWat research. KiKa's ultimate goal is to achieve a 100% recovery rate.


The main goals are:

The chance of a cure for children with cancer must be further increased

Improving the quality of treatment (less aggressive where possible)

Reduction of side effects after treatment (effects later in life)



What makes KiKa so special and important to me?


KiKa pays for childhood cancer studies to ensure that even more children can get better. The aim is not that three out of four children with cancer will be cured, no, we want them all to be cured! And that they do not get any nasty side effects from the drugs used in the treatments. KiKa is supported throughout the Netherlands; more than 5,500 actions are organized each year.

You can help by organizing an action for KiKa. The organization of KiKa is happy to help you on your way with, for example, promotional material and tips. If you have ideas for an action or want to suport them visit