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Discover Fascinating Art in Eindhoven

The Van Abbemuseum, located in Eindhoven, is a museum that focuses on modern and contemporary art. The museum was founded in 1936 and has built up a rich history ever since. The collection of the Van Abbemuseum consists of a diverse and extensive collection of modern and contemporary works of art.

The museum regularly organizes exhibitions in which various themes and movements within art are highlighted. Famous artists such as Picasso, Mondrian and Kandinsky have exhibited their works in this museum. The Van Abbemuseum also collaborates with other museums and art institutions around the world, resulting in regular international exchanges.

Street Art at the Berenkuil

Dynamic Eindhoven is a lively city with a strong focus on fascinating art and culture. Eindhoven has a lot to offer art lovers, from museums and galleries to events and festivals.


Discover what Eindhoven has to offer in terms of art.

Design Academy Eindhoven - graduation show

The Design Academy Eindhoven is an internationally renowned design course located in Eindhoven. This academy is known for its focus on innovation and sustainability, and encourages creativity and experimentation in all disciplines. It is a breeding ground for talented students from different backgrounds and disciplines, who collaborate with industry and business to create innovative designs.

Design Academy Eindhoven

Every year, the Design Academy Eindhoven organizes the Graduation Show, where groundbreaking designs are presented to the public. This collaboration between the academy, industry and business makes Eindhoven a vibrant city in the field of art and design.


Top shelf entertainment

Eindhoven is a city known for its vibrant art scene. The annual Dutch Design Week event attracts thousands of visitors to the city to enjoy innovative art and design.
The Van Abbemuseum offers a wide range of exhibitions and activities for art lovers. With its modern and contemporary collection, the museum manages to impress time and time again.

In addition, there are also theaters in Eindhoven, such as Parktheater and Effenaar, which regularly present performances by well-known artists and theater companies. These theaters are loved by both locals and tourists and ensure a vibrant cultural life in the city.

Another form of art that you can admire in Eindhoven is street art. The many street art works scattered throughout the city provide a colorful and lively street scene. It is a real treat for urban art lovers.

Finally, cultural center De Effenaar regularly organizes concerts and club nights, which means that Eindhoven also has a vibrant nightlife in the field of music and art.
In short, Eindhoven offers top-shelf entertainment for every art lover.

multifunctional pop stage Effenaar

The Van Abbemuseum: modern and contemporary art

The Van AbbeMuseum Eindhoven

In addition, the museum offers various educational programs and activities for visitors of all ages. For example, visitors can participate in workshops, lectures and guided tours to learn more about modern and contemporary art. The museum is housed in a beautiful modern building designed by the architect Abel Cahen.

The murals of Step in the Arena

Eindhoven, the city of technology and design, hosts countless art-related events every year. One of the most impressive is the Step in the Arena festival, which is known as the largest street art festival in the Netherlands.

This annual event, usually held in June, attracts international artists who transform the city into a colorful work of art. With their murals they bring different styles and themes to life, so that every corner of the city tells a unique story.

The special thing about Step in the Arena is that these murals can not only be admired in galleries or museums, but in public spaces. This makes art and creativity accessible to everyone who walks through the streets of Eindhoven.

Step in the Arena thus not only contributes to the lively art scene in Eindhoven, but also to the liveliness and dynamism of the city itself.

Eindhoven is full of large and small works with the most cool Street Art. You can discover these works of art while walking through the small alleys in the city center or when you drive through the larger streets by car. My advice: enjoy the Street Art in Eindhoven by bike. Find the best spots here.

Design Academy Eindhoven: breeding ground for innovative design

The works of art in the Stadswandelpark

In 1879 merchant Anton Sinkel from Amsterdam bought a villa with a large garden in Eindhoven. A few years later he expanded his property by purchasing a number of adjacent plots. On this ground he had a large park laid out by a landscape architect. This park was the beginning of the Stadswandelpark.
In 1916, the municipality of Eindhoven purchased the land and earmarked it for housing, but in 1921 it was eventually turned into a public park.

In 1982, the city of Eindhoven celebrated its 750th anniversary. This was celebrated with a sculpture exhibition in the Stadswandelpark. After the exhibition, a number of works of art remained and others were added over time. The walking park has now grown into a beautiful sculpture park with works of art ranging from figurative to abstract.

The Stadswandelpark in Eindhoven houses various works of art.
A striking work of art in the park is the 'Radio Monument', a bronze sculpture by the artist Dirk Roosenburg (1887 - 1962). This impressive work of art from 1936 has the inscription on the back "In memory of the fact that from this municipality - thanks to the ingenuity of the Philips laboratory - the first radiophonic connection has been established between the mother country and the Dutch East Indies".

In addition, there are various modern works of art to discover in the Stadswandelpark, such as “Sun Image” by artist Theo van Brunschot and “Meeting” by Jan de Baat.

In addition, there are various modern works of art to discover in These works of art add a contemporary and playful element to the park and show how art can surprise and amaze.
In short, the Stadswandelpark in Eindhoven offers a diversity of works of art that highlight both historical and contemporary themes. It is a place where one can enjoy beauty, reflect on the past and be inspired by the creativity of artists.


See here for an overview of all artworks in Eindhoven.

Street Art Super Lempke Roffart

Art in public space: De Blob and Flying Pins

De Blob is an inspiring futuristic building in Eindhoven. Designed by architectural firm Massimiliano Fuksas, this striking mall has a unique look thanks to its organic shape and reflective exterior. It is not only a place for shopping, but is also considered a work of art in itself.

Another must-see in Eindhoven is the Flying Pins artwork. This playful work of art, created by artist Claes Oldenburg and his wife Coosje van Bruggen, consists of five enormous bowling pins that seem to float in the air. It is located on the Town Hall Square and symbolizes the sporty and creative atmosphere of the city.

Both De Blob and Flying Pins are popular sights and attract many visitors. You cannot miss these iconic works during a walk along the art route in Eindhoven. They not only add beauty to the city, but are also part of Eindhoven's cultural identity.
On the Art Map you can see exactly where all the works of art are located in the city.

the Nlob in Eindhoven
the flying pins

Art events in Eindhoven

GLOW Eindhoven is an annual light festival that transforms the city into a spectacular light show. Visitors can enjoy various art installations and projections that immerse them in a magical world of light and color.

During Dutch Design Week (DDW), Eindhoven will be transformed into a creative hub for designers and artists from all over the world. Visitors can attend exhibitions, lectures and workshops that focus on cutting-edge design and innovation.

Art Eindhoven is an annual art festival that offers a platform to emerging artists from Eindhoven and the surrounding region. Here they can exhibit their work and sell it to interested visitors.

During the Kunstroute Eindhoven, art lovers get the chance to visit various artists' studios and galleries in the city. Here they can meet local artists, discuss their work and even purchase artwork directly from the artists.

The Art route Het Groene Lint is a land-art work of art that connects the center of Eersel with the center of Eindhoven via a 24 km long art walking path. A green ribbon of natural elements in the form of braided hedges, which forms a guideline along which the walker follows his footsteps.

GLOW festival at Eindhovn
Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven
Exposition of John DutchArt
The green egg - work of art
Kunst Gallery Eindhoven by John DutchArt

GLOW Eindhoven: A Magical Light Show

Dutch Design Week: A Creative Hub

Art Eindhoven: A Platform for Local Artists

Art route Het Groene Lint: A land-art work of art

Kunstroute Eindhoven: A Look Behind the Scenes

Eindhoven offers something for everyone when it comes to art events. Whether you want to enjoy a magical light show, discover cutting-edge design, support local artists or take a look behind the scenes, Eindhoven has it all. Come and experience this city's vibrant art scene!