Colourful Abstract Paintings. Get your own Statement Art directly from the artist
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Art Gallery Eindhovenl

The Art Gallery Eindhoven where the artist himself explains his work and gives you advice on Art, Art Buying or Renting Art


There is an ongoing wall art exhibition in the Art Gallery Eindhoven, of some 50 abstract paintings, depending on their size. The paintings are hung in various rooms in the Art Gallery so that you can also see what the work of art looks like when there is no bright spot light on it. And believe me, the lighting can make a big difference to the experience you have with a painting. In addition to the Artworks that hang on the wall, there are always a large number of paintings present in the storage space of my workshop.

All paintings that are for sale or can be rented via Art rental Eindhoven.

The average gallery owner requires of the artist that his art must be recognizable, without great variation in style or colour. This makes the sales process easier for the gallery owner. I understand this completely and I don't blame him. But for me it is not the way I, as abstract artist can maximise my creativity. If you have a painting of mine, you will see my passion for that specific painting reflected in it. Each artwork is original and may differ completely from my other artwork in terms of style or colour. I paint as I feel, see or hear, without restrictions to my art. Without wanting to be obliged to deliver a series of paintings with a specific recognizable style or colour scheme.

I always receive you personally and by appointment, because the Art Gallery is part of my home. It is therefore not the largest gallery in Eindhoven, although in terms of the number of artworks present it is not inferior to the larger art galleries in Eindhoven. I always keep a stock of 70 artworks at the gallery.

Why visit specifically the Art Gallery of John DutchArt?

We can consider ourselves lucky with the abundance we have in the Netherlands. In so many areas, including available art. So why would you visit my art gallery for your abstract art?

The most important reason to visit my Art gallery must of course be that my art appeals to you, in terms of style and colour. If my art gives you a good (gut) feeling, if you would proudly show it to your visitors at home or at the office, then you know that this art suits you and that you will enjoy it for a long time.

If you are a bit stubborn, and have by nature always wanted to distinguish yourself from others, in one way or another, then there is a good chance that my art appeals to you. My art is also somewhat stubborn, original and certainly distinguishes itself from other art. Every work of art is unique and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

I feel like my inspiration for creating art is infinitive.

There is so much beautiful art. Yes, also from that Abstract Painter from Brazil and from that of Artist of Korea. But it has to be packaged and shipped halfway around the world to be hung on the wall here. With so much beautiful local art available here, in the same price range or even cheaper, because transport costs for art are high. And with this I don't mean to say that you have to buy my art, absolutely not. But think more often of the local professional artist, of local art, wouldn't you like to preserve that?

My artworks are Statement Art. Not in the traditional sense of an artist who wants to make a critical Statement with his art, but in the sense that the painting itself is your Statement. The painting reflects who you arem your taste, your style. Something people notice when they enter the room, something that catches the attention of the passer-by. A work of art that you receive a compliment about when it hangs on your wall. But above all, a work of art that you enjoy every time you look at it.

If you are enthusiastic about my art and would like to orientate yourself further in an artwork, you can let me know via the contact form and I will contact you as soon as possible.

If you sign up for my newsletter at the same time, you will also receive a  discount of 10% on your first purchase. 

Any questions about artloan, or a visit to the art gallery?

With each painting of mine you will receive a description of my inspiration for that painting, in its Certificate of Authenticity. Authenticity here refers to genuine, but also to the authentic personality of the artist.

Next exhibitions in my own Art Gallery Eindhoven, and the Art Showroom in Venlo, I can also regularly be found at other exhibitions, such as Eindhoven Art, National Art days or World Art Week. Register for my Art Tips if you want to be kept informed about exhibitions and new artworks.

In addition, there is an ongoing exhibition in the Pure Sit furnitures showroom in Venlo. The showroom contains about 30 living room arrangements with stylish accessories and modern abstract paintings by John DutchArt.

You can buy your favorite painting through available artworks or you can rent the painting through Kunstuitleen Einhoven.

Via sold artworks you come to an overview of abstract paintings that are no longer available. If you do not find what you are looking for in the available artworks, take a look at the online gallery of sold art. If you see the artwork of your dreams there, I would be happy to make a similar artwork for you in a similar style or in the same color scheme. With the same dimensions or with different dimensions, the same colors or other colors.

Your own Statement Art, Original and unique Abstract Art tailor-made for you.

Read how it works to commision a painting, have your own painting made according to your wishes and requirements.  Or take a look at the possibilities of art advice.

If you want to know more about the possibilities of Kunstuitleen, read more below.

Wallart of Dutch piainter John Dutchart

In my art gallery you can buy art and try it out for 30 days. Not completely satisfied, no problem, I will give you your money back. But you can also rent the art from the gallery through Kunstuitleen Eindhoven. Or rent it with a savings scheme. You then build up a balance from the monthly rent with which you can buy the painting later. Or you buy another painting from the Art rental gallery, your choice.

And if you have searched my Art Gallery completely, and you have not been able to find what you are looking for, but my painting style does appeal to you? Then tell me what you like from the gallery of sold paintings and we'll see if I can make something similar tailor made for you. This also applies if you would like to have an available work of art from the gallery, but would like it in a different format or colour combination. Read more about this in Art Advice.

Visit Art Gallery Eindhoven, a gallery with art rental services that surprises you

Art loan from the gallery - for individuals and companies

Abstract paintings via Art rental - flexible, easy and very affordable

The benefits of art rental from my art gallery for inspiring abstract art:

  • Flexible - you rent what you want for how long you want. And if after a while you want different art on the wall, then you just select something new from the art gallery.
  • Easy - choose via the online art gallery or visit my Kunstgalerie Eindhoven. Make an appointment with me in my art studio Eindhoven or at your home.
  • Very affordable'you rent for as little as 2% monthly of the paintings value, or even at 0,5% if you rent via the rental-with-savings scheme. So you unnoticeably save a nice amount every month and you can quickly buy your own Statement Art paintings in the gallery.
Wow - statement Art of John Dutchart
John Dutchart at the art gallery
Freedom in creativity
Certificate of autenticity
safe via art rental
Enjoy abstract art of John Duchtart
Abstract painting - V, for Victory (100x150cm) - in the diner
Abstract painting- Vibrant city life (2x 120x150cm) - in living
Abstract painting - Ox Goads (120x120cm) - in office
Abstract painting - Autumn Equinox - in living room

If you'd like, you can call me or you can send me a message via the contact form.

You can also use the contact form if you want me to contact you for planning a visit at the art gallery.

To make enjoying art as easy and affordable as possible, you can choose from 4 rental and purchase arrangements. There is always an arrangement that suits your taste and budget.


If you have found the painting that gives you that great feeling and you know this is your Statement Art, you decide how you want to enjoy it.

You can buy the painting directly, rent it through the art loan, buy it in interest-free instalments, or purchase it through the rental-with-savings scheme. View the lending, saving and buying options.

If you have found the painting that gives you that great feeling and you know this is your Statement Art, you decide how you want to enjoy it.

You can buy the painting directly, rent it via art loan, buy it in interest-free installments, or purchase via a rental-with-savings scheme. Read below about the most important characteristics of the 4 options.

1. Buy abstract art directly

You select your work of art, pay the full purchase amount in one go, after which it is yours. You take the painting with you or get it delivered.

If, for whatever reason, you want to return the painting afterwards, you can do this up to 30 days after your purchase and you will receive a full refund of the purchase price of the painting.

2. Buy an abstract painting in interest-free installments

In addition to the option of direct purchase and the low-threshold, flexible rent and rent-and-savings, you can also make use of the very attractive interest-free art purchase scheme.

With this arrangement you make a down payment of 25%, or more if desired, and you pay the remaining amount in a maximum of 18 equal monthly instalments.

For example: You want to purchase a work of art worth €864 through this interest-free art purchase arrangement. You then make a deposit of 25%; €216 and pay the remaining €648 in monthly installments. For example, 12 monthly payments of €54 or 18 monthly payments of €36.


Purchase value: €864

Deposit of 25%: € 216

Monthly: 12 x €54, or 18 x €36.

3. Rent an abstract painting through the art loan

Enjoy art for a low amount per month by renting the artwork. The rent is only 2% of the value of the painting.


The minimum rental period for a work of art is 4 months, but you can of course enjoy it much longer.

With a travel distance of 30 km or less, it can also be delivered free of charge and hung up for you if you wish.

A deposit is required for the rental. This is 20% of the value of the painting.


For example: You rent a painting with a sales price of €800, then the one-time deposit is €160 and the monthly rent is €16 only.

During the rental period, a painting cannot be sold to someone else. If you like the painting you are renting, you always have the option to purchase it immediately.

4. Abstracte art via the rental-with-savings scheme

Would you first like to try out at your leisure whether a painting is a good fit for you, with the thought of purchasing it in the long run? Then the rental and savings scheme is ideal for you.


You pay a low monthly amount, the majority of which is added to your purchase credit.

You can use the accumulated savings to purchase the rented painting, or for any other work of art from the John DutchArt collection.


The monthly installments amount to 3% of the value of the artwork. Of this 3%, 0.5% is rent and 2.5% is added to your purchase credit.


A deposit is required for rent savings. This is at least 20% of the value of the painting, but may be higher if desired. The deposit is fully added to your purchase credit.

For exaple: If you have a rental-with-savings of a painting with a sales price of €800, then a one-off down payment is €160 and the monthly rent-saving amount is only €24.

Of the monthly rent-saving amount, €4 goes to the rent and €20 is added to your purchase credit.

After the first month your purchase credit is (€160 + €20 =) €180.

Purchase value: €800
Deposit 20%: €160
Monthly remaining installments: €24 of which €20 is added to your purchase credit


The rental-with-savings scheme has a minimum duration of 1 month. The purchase credit remains yours, even if you do not rent a painting for a while.

Akun Art voucher

We also accept Akun art notes for your purchase.