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Are you still relatively unfamiliar with art or with abstract art in general? Do you actually not yet have a good idea of the different art streams, and the place of abstract art in this? Take a look at my Art Tip What is Abstract Art? In this Art Tip I have briefly described which movements there are in art, such as abstract and realistic, but also what a still life is, or what impressionism or expressionism is.

No worries it is not written for the die hard art academician, it reads easily and also has some pictures for clarification.

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Maybe I can put you in touch with an artist from Eindhoven, or the surrounding area, who might make the kind of art that is closer to what you are looking for.

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Then read on, on the page about me. There you can read more about me personally and how and why I became a professional artist.


Curious where I get my inspiration when painting?  Then read more about it in my article "what inspires an artist".


You can also call me on +31 6 53585395 or ask me your specific question about Art Advice, about me or another Dutch artist via the contact form.

Art is very broad and very extensive. Both art for at home and art for the office. For wall art alone, you can already choose from, for example, sketches, drawings, paintings in watercolor, ink, acrylic paint, oil paint and mixtures thereof. There are also works of art on the wall in which objects such as wood, newspapers, metal goods have been processed into articles of clothing.

I am mainly involved in abstract painting with acrylic, on canvas and wooden panel. Of course these are the artworks I can best give you my art advice on. Sometimes I also include physical objects in my artworks, sometimes subtly in the background, sometimes very emphatically in the foreground.

Abstract artist Eindhoven
Abstract art by John Dutchart
what is abstract art
Blogs on inspiring abstract art

How and what I paint usually depends on what inspired me for that work of art.

I always mention what the inspiration was in the description of the painting.

The art tips are regularly updated and expanded. You can register so that you will automatically receive a notification when there is a new Art Tip about Inspiring Abstract Art, or when I publish a "nice to know" article on abstract art.

If you want to know more about a specific topic from the art world, let me know. If there is enough interest I would like to write an article about this.

If you have a question about other Dutch Artists, or Artists from Eindhoven in particular, because you cannot find what you are looking for in my art, please let me know.

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