Colourful Abstract Paintings. Get your own Statement Art directly from the artist
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Picture of Artist John Dutchart

Looking for Original Abstract Art, directly from the artist?

Choose from a large selection of original exclusive Art to become your Statement Art for your home or office. 

Hi, I am John Dutchart, visual artist by profession

Are you looking for colorful abstract art, inspiring and challenging? Stylish Art to enjoy every day? Then I can help you.


I will explain to you what inspires me when making my art, and will gladly share with you my art facts & art tips.


I'll help you find a painting that moves you. Art that suits you, that says something about you;

your Statement Art.

I am happy to give you personalised advice when choosing a hand-painted work of art. You want to enjoy your painting(s) every day, so making the right choice is important. Of course my art advice is completely free of charge.

What customers say about their Statement Art of John DutchArt

Awsome painting!


So happy to have it in our dining room. The painting is a statement in itself, with so much dynamics. Love it, love it, love it.

Ian & Lubo, Veldhoven,

The Netherlands 

Painting V, for Victory in dining room

We asked John to come to our place and advice on art that matches our interior. He came with several paintings, and recommended this one for our living.

Wow, Great advice, it fits 100%

Anneleen, Lommel,


Painting Senang in living room

We wanted art that would catch your eye when you enter our living. Commisioned John, explained the colours and size we liked, and left it up to him. It turned out to a master piece, makes our living look alive.​​​​​

I. Nobleza, Nitra, 


Painting Anomaly of the cosmos at the home of a happy customer

We just moved to The Netherlands. Wanted to give our new home our signature. Something bold, something vibrant. We asked John to create our Statement Art.  

He surely did!

S. & H. Zamir, Veldhoven,

The Netherlands 

Painting "Voyagers" in living room of art collectors

Get free personalised advice

Explore Original Art online, or visit my Art Gallery In Eindhoven or Showroom in Venlo

What does abstract art do for you?

John Dutchart lin front of one of his paintings

It gives colour to your house
It inspires you and your visitors
It turns your house into a home
It makes a statement of who you are

I believe the artwork on the wall says a lot about who owns it. The style, colour and colour transitions, the structure, the format, if it "blends" with its environment or dares to stand apart from it completely.

I regularly organise promotions where you can win something nice. I announce these promotions shortly in advance on social media, on this website and through my updates "Art Tips".



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Are you considering buying an abstract painting? Then take a look at the available works of art, or already sold works of art to get some inspiration.